LEGOLAND Florida Water Park: Splash into a World of LEGO Fun in Winter Haven, FL

Nestled within the LEGOLAND Florida Resort in Winter Haven, the LEGOLAND Florida Water Park offers a refreshing and imaginative aquatic adventure for families and LEGO enthusiasts. With many water attractions and LEGO-themed activities, this water park is a dream come true for visitors of all ages. Information can be found here.

LEGO-Themed Water Fun:

The LEGOLAND Florida Water Park boasts many water-based attractions inspired by the iconic LEGO bricks. From Build-A-Raft River, where guests can construct their customized LEGO rafts, to the LEGO Wave Pool, complete with gently rolling waves, every water feature is designed to provide an immersive LEGO experience. Discover facts about Cypress Gardens: A Historic Wonderland in Winter Haven, FL.

Splash Zones for Young Adventurers:

Younger visitors have a blast at the DUPLO Splash Safari and Joker Soaker. The DUPLO Splash Safari is a designed play area with interactive water features. At the same time, the Joker Soaker is an action-packed playground with various slides, splash buckets, and water cannons, providing endless fun for little ones.

Thrilling Slides and Rides:

Thrill-seekers can challenge themselves on exhilarating water slides like the Twin Chasers, where guests can race side by side, and the Splash Out, a high-speed, heart-pounding plunge that ends with a splash.

Private Cabanas and Relaxation:

For those seeking relaxation, private cabanas are available for rental. These shaded retreats have comfortable seating, reserved dining options, and a dedicated cabana host, ensuring a luxurious and tranquil escape amidst the excitement of the water park.

Safety and Accessibility:

LEGOLAND Florida Water Park prioritizes safety and accessibility, with lifeguards stationed at all attractions and multiple entry and exit points for convenience. The park also provides life vests and features wheelchair-accessible areas and restrooms, ensuring everyone can enjoy a memorable day at the water park.


The LEGOLAND Florida Water Park in Winter Haven, FL, offers an unparalleled LEGO-themed water adventure for families and LEGO enthusiasts. With its imaginative water attractions, thrilling slides, and family-friendly amenities, this water park guarantees a day filled with fun, laughter, and unforgettable memories for visitors of all ages.