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When it comes to commercial roofing in Central Florida, we’re the experts. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of roofing service and workmanship to our customers. Our team of professionals will come to inspect your property and provide you with our professional analysis of your roof–from a roof inspection to roof repairs and replacement, we’ve got you covered!

We offer roofing services that are tailored to your roofing needs from commercial construction projects to multi-unit commercial buildings! Our licensed and certified roofing contractors will assess any damage and come up with an accurate estimate for roof repairs, painting, installation of vents (skylights), gutters, downspouts, and others.

When it comes to roof installation in Winter Haven, FL, we’re the top roofing contractors of your choice.

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Your commercial roof is your business’s first line of defense against the elements because when your roof starts to leak, you know that it’s usually followed by a string of expensive water damage that can eventually lead to rotting and deterioration.

But if there was one thing that could protect a building from this and the depreciation that comes after, it would be following proper roof maintenance coupled with annual roof inspections with a reliable, licensed, and certified roofing contractor.

Thankfully, CH Evans has been providing our customers in the Winter Haven, Florida area with premium-quality roofs for several years now. We specialize in everything from roof installation, replacement of shingles to new construction projects, metal roofing, and complete commercial roof replacement – including TPO EPDM and single-ply roofing. So no matter how big or small of an issue you might have on top of your business, CH Evans is here to provide you with all your roofing needs.

If you’re located in the Winter Haven, FL, and surrounding areas, look no further! CH Evans is the commercial roofing contractor for you. Schedule an appointment today to make sure your commercial building is protected.

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What are Commercial Roofing Contractors?

Commercial roofing contractors are the best of both worlds: they have years of knowledge and technical expertise in roofing but are also adept in construction to ensure a flawless roof installation. Commercial roofing contractors are the perfect solution for every business owner looking to find a sound roofing system for their commercial properties.

Whether it’s installing a new metal roofing system or repairing an old one that has seen better days, these pros just know what to do! They can help with any kind of commercial building – from warehouses to office spaces, restaurants, and retail stores.

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Commercial Roof Maintenance and Regular Upkeep

Your roof’s more than just a way to keep the weather out. It can also help you save on energy, reduce your expenses, and make your business look great with its sleek design and well-maintained roof. If this sounds like something that your company could benefit a lot from, then it is important for you to know how much work goes into keeping up with maintenance and why we are obsessed with looking after your roof by providing first-rate roofing services.

#1 It affects how your customers perceive your business

Even though commercial roofs are more likely flat, low-sloped, and are basically more utilitarian, this doesn’t mean that your roof goes unnoticed.

For one, the wear-and-tear on your building will cause leaks in the ceilings which are not only an inconvenience for your guests but are also a sore eye and a potential hazard for customers. No person is likely to come back if they don’t feel safe coming into a place full of things raining down from above them!

A commercial roof is an important investment for any company, and it’s not a cost that most people want to spend. However, keep in mind that it doesn’t matter how good your products are or how great your customer service is, if there’s a leak in your roof, it automatically lights the red flag on your customers.

It might seem like a relatively small issue right now when all you have is a minor leak through your ceilings but before too long this could lead up to major repairs being necessary or worse yet, someone getting hurt by slipping due to wet floors.

#2 Saves you on energy costs

Your roof does more for your company than protect from rain – it saves money by cutting down bills and makes sure people take notice in all the right ways when they see what kind of quality establishment yours is if done correctly.

#3 Protects your property

Roof leaks are a risk to your valuable equipment, furniture, and other assets stored inside your commercial store which can be ruined by water damage or mold growth.

This is why we stress the importance of proper upkeep to prevent such cases from happening and destroying your space and other possessions.

You might not be able to take care of your commercial roof all by yourself, but by hiring a reliable roofing company and following a proactive maintenance plan, you’ll be able to schedule an annual roof inspection, a roof repair, or a complete roof replacement if necessary.

By following a standard practice in maintaining your building’s roof, you can be assured that safety is always taken into consideration for everyone who walks through your store or works in your business.

#4 Avoids unnecessary repairs and expenses

You might not realize this, but your roof does more for your company than protect your customers and workers from rain – it helps you cut down on unnecessary construction and roof repair. It also prolongs the lifespan of your existing roof so you don’t have a need to install a new roof for a couple of years.

Keeping your roof in good shape also helps avoid accidents and preserves the structural integrity of your building or store.

Don’t let things slip away, remember that regular upkeep is necessary even for places of business. Contact us today for a free roof estimate.

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It can sometimes be difficult to find a highly qualified roofing contractor, but CH Evans is an easy choice. We’ve been serving the residents of Winter Haven, FL area for years, and we’re proud of our good reputation.

As a professional roofer, we make sure to uphold and practive the following values in every roofing job or project we take on.



Professionalism is important to us. We make sure to commit ourselves in providing quality roofing services to all of Winter Haven, Florida. As good practice, we always take the time to clean up our work sites every after job well done.


Licensed and Insured

You can rely on us to complete every roofing job with utmost care and dexterity. To protect both our clients and workers, we are both a licensed and insured roofing company.



We specialize in metal roof replacements, but we have the know-how required to complete almost any roofing job.

Of course, the best way to see what makes us special is to work directly with us. Call today for a free estimate on your new roof installation.

At CH Evans Roofing, we make sure to…


Removes all roof debris


Caulk terminations and pipe seals


Clear the drains to ensure that water flows freely


Do a thorough inspection of all roof surface defects - water entry points and other damages are documented


Provide written detailed inspections and photos if necessary


Provide a roof repair or replacement plan


Work within your budget

If leaking roofs and high maintenance costs are what have been keeping you up at night – don’t worry because we’ve got top-quality repair service that will keep your worries away!

Contact us at CH Evans Roofing for professionally done roof repair service!

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