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When it comes to installing or maintaining your business roof in Central Florida, we are one of the best local roofing companies. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of roofing service and workmanship to our customers. Our team of professionals can provide routine inspections, preventive maintenance, and even start-to-finish roof replacements.

We offer roofing services that are tailored to your roofing needs. As a local roofing company, we understand the unique conditions that Winter Haven businesses encounter. We specialize in metal roofs, asphalt roofs and flat roofs. Our licensed and certified roofing contractors will assess your roof and provide an accurate estimate for any necessary roof repairs, painting and coating, or roof replacement.

When it comes to commercial roofing in Winter Haven, FL, we’re the top roofing contractors of choice.

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Your commercial roof is your business’s first line of defense against the elements. When your roof starts to leak, it leads to more extensive damage that gets worse the longer the leak is not repaired. To prevent water damage and costly repairs, hire CH Evans to maintain and repair your roof.

Our preventative roof maintenance includes: 


Coating and Painting

Painting or elastomeric roof coatings can extend the life of your roof and help prevent potential leaks. This coating covers the entire roof, and helps seal washers and fasteners, extends the life of membrane roofs, and reflects UV rays which helps prevent the roofing material from breaking down. As well, this coating helps reduce cooling costs for your building!


Caulking and Seam Repair

During an inspection, we will check seams and flashing for watertightness. If we notice any gaps or worn seals and crumbling caulk, we can repair those issues. With our high quality patches and caulking products, your roof will be ready for weathering heavy rains again.


Repairing/Replacing Roof Material

If you are missing shingles, or need a steel roof panel replaced, or have a puncture in your membrane roof, our crews are fully equipped to handle the problem. We will replace the material and make it like new.

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What are Commercial Roofing Contractors?

Commercial roofing contractors are highly-experienced roofers who work on commercial properties, businesses, and industrial buildings. They have years of experience, extensive knowledge, and familiarity with a variety of roofing situations. CH Evans Roofing works with businesses in the Winter Haven area to keep their flat, low-slope, and pitched roofs in the best condition possible.

We know that affordability is a major issue when it comes to roofing choices. That’s why our roofing team will work with you and your insurance to help provide the best solutions at the best prices. Whether you need a quick and reliable fix or a long-term solution, our roofing contractors are here to help. Call us for a free assessment to get started.

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Why is Routine Roof Maintenance important?

A commercial roof keeps your business safe and dry. Finding potential leaks before they turn into major sites of water infiltration can help prevent damage to insulation, the roof deck, and even ceilings and drywall. When your roof is secure and sturdy, your business is able to weather any storm and keep your building in good condition.

#1 It affects how your customers perceive your business

In a couple of ways, a solid, leak-free roof helps make a good impression on guests. For one, ensuring there is no water infiltration prevents ugly staining inside on ceilings and walls. Secondly, if whatever portion of your roof is visible to customers is well-kept and looks clean, it can help improve the overall feel of your business. 

Even though a roof is a big investment, it is one that is well-worth it. A long-lasting, low-maintenance roof will pay off by protecting all of the interior portions of your building from the elements and moisture infiltration.

It might seem like a relatively small issue right now if all you have is a minor leak, but before too long this could lead to major repairs being necessary, or irreversible damage being caused to the roof decking, interior walls, and even inventory.

#2 Saves you on energy costs

Different roofing materials have energy efficiency benefits. For example, TPO and PVC roofs usually are white, and these membrane roofs reflect light and help you save on cooling costs. Metal roofing is also highly reflective. It doesn’t absorb heat and is an excellent eco-friendly option. Ask us about energy efficient roofing options for your commercial roof.

#3 Protects your property

Installing a heavy-duty roof ensures that it will be there to protect your building through the worst of times. Wind-resistant architectural shingles, standing-seam metal roofing, and fully-adhered single-ply membrane roofs are renowned for their ability to withstand severe weather.

Additionally, our commercial roof options are rated to be highly fire-resistant. Materials like steel roofs, TPO, EPDM, and clay tiles have been certified to help prevent the spread of fire.

#4 Avoids unnecessary repairs and expenses

Regular maintenance is a cost-effective way to improve the condition of your roof, and catches any issues while they are still a small problem. Roof coating with an elastomeric coating, re-caulking around skylights, and gutter cleaning all help extend the life of your roof for many years. In turn, this helps prevent downtime while you experience roof leaks, need roof repair, or even worse, a complete re-roofing job performed.

Don’t let issues get out of hand. Regular upkeep is necessary even for places of business. Contact us today for a free roof estimate.

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It can sometimes be difficult to find a highly qualified roofing contractor, but CH Evans is an easy choice. We’ve been serving the residents of Winter Haven, FL area for years, and we’re proud of our good reputation.

As a professional roofer, we make sure to uphold and practice the following values in every roofing job or project we take on.



Professionalism is important to us. We commit ourselves to providing quality roofing services for all of Winter Haven, FL. We always take the time to clean up our work sites every after job well done.


Licensed and Insured

You can rely on us to complete every roofing job with utmost care and proficiency. To protect both our clients and workers, we are a licensed and insured roofing company.



We specialize in metal roof replacements, but we have the know-how and experience working with a variety of materials including BUR (built up roofing) and asphalt roofs.

Of course, the best way to see what makes us special is to work directly with us. Call or email today for a free estimate on your new roof installation.

At CH Evans Roofing, we make sure to…


Perform a thorough inspection


Caulk all penetrations and exposed fasteners


Ensure drains are clear so that water flows freely


Provide written, detailed inspections and photos if necessary


Offer a roof repair or replacement plan


Work within your budget

If leaking roofs and high maintenance costs are what have been keeping you up at night – don’t worry because we’ve got top-quality repair service that will keep your worries away!

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