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Most people do not often consider the preventative care that their gutters and roofs require until they have a problem. Putting off inspections and maintenance can be detrimental not only to your roof, but to the building’s interior as well.

Timely maintenance prevents dangerous issues like mold, mildew, water damage, rotten roof decking, and other serious problems.  Don’t leave leaks unchecked! Let a local team member help out today.

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What is a roof inspection and why should I get one for my home?

A roof inspection will examine your roof and all of its elements – like skylights, chimneys, gutters, and flashing. The roofing contractor will assess the health of the roofing material, fasteners, caulking, and identify any potential issues. There are many reasons why you should get your house inspected, but the most important reason is early detection! The roof protects everything below it from severe weather, so make sure yours is in good condition before a heavy rain reveals an undetected hole.

An annual checkup will ensure your roof is ready for the next year ahead and a post-storm review can help save hundreds of dollars on repairs!

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Why are inspections important for new homeowners?

Roof inspections are important to perform before buying or selling a house. A roof inspection will help you know about any upcoming repair or maintenance expenses and how long the existing roof is expected to last. Our roofing contractors will also provide information so you’ll have a better understanding of what needs immediate repair as well as what items should be on your long-term maintenance list for that particular roof. Hiring us for a pre-purchase inspection will help identify major roofing and gutter issues that can massively affect your property.

Exterior roof inspections include professional inspectors getting on the roof and looking for damaged roofing materials, inspecting flashing, and any roof penetrations. Leaks often form around features like chimneys, skylights, and roof vents. We check that fasteners are tight, and caulking is not crumbling. If your roof needs coating or painting, we will let you know and can provide a free estimate. Whether you have an active leak, or just want to know how to extend the life of your roof, our experienced roofing contractors are here to help.

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How do I know if my home needs a roof inspection?

It’s not always easy to know how to prevent roof damage, especially if it’s not accessible. Preventive maintenance can help you avoid costly repairs, and extend the life of your roof for many years, but when is it time to get a roof consultation? Here are some good rules of thumb:


Before buying a house


A storm knocked down tree limbs in your yard


Your roof has cracked tiles, missing shingles, or rusting metal panels


Your see signs of leaks like water stains on attic joists or ceilings and walls


Uneven coloring on your roof


If neighbors with the a house built at the same time as yours are getting a new roof

We offer free estimates for any roofing service we provide. Our affordable, comprehensive roofing inspections can help you save money down the road by finding problems early and fixing small leaks before they turn into big ones. Even a single fastener with worn caulking can turn into a leak after a major rain.

What should I expect from roof inspections?

Exterior Roof Inspection

Inspecting your roofing system involves several steps. After discussing any concerns and issues with the owner, we will thoroughly inspect the roof. On the outside, we inspect the condition of the shingles, metal panels, or membrane. If shingles are losing their granules, or we notice ponding water, or dented panels, we will investigate further and provide our recommendation.

Fastener and Flashing Inspection

Another part of our comprehensive inspection involves checking the screws, fasteners, and seams for water-tightness. We will also check that the flashing around roof penetrations is correctly secured and has a good seal. If caulking or repairs are needed, we will let you know and provide a free estimate to fix any problems we find.

Gutter Inspection

Gutters are an important part of your roof. They divert water away from your building’s foundation, but if they are in disrepair, it can cause damage to the fascia and deck of your roof. As part of the inspection, we will check for signs that they are overflowing, backing up, or not working properly. If your gutters need repair or replacement, we will include the cost to repair them on your quote. 

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Upon completion of the roof inspection, our certified and licensed technician will prepare a comprehensive estimate. Your quote will detail out necessary repairs and their approximate cost based on our recommendations. Our roofers have years of experience performing all kinds of repairs for a variety of roof types and can recommend the longest-lasting and most cost effective repair solutions available..

The Benefits of Working with a Certified, Licensed, and Insured Roofing Contractor


Specialized Knowledge and Expertise

General contractors may be able to do some minor roofing repairs, but a roofing contractor has specialized expertise and can spot critical roofing issues. They will also have extensive on how best to fix them. A roofing contractor will also often work with your insurance company and help with the claim process.


Highly-Trained Workers

An established roofing company like ours will have the training and expertise to professionally install roofs. Each roofing system has slight differences and unique installation methods and maintenance requirements. Additionally, when you hire a knowledgeable and reputable roofing company like ours, they know about local city building codes and guidelines and will be able to discuss these with you as you plan your roofing project.


Quality Roofing Services and Inspections

We take pride in the jobs we complete and offer the best and highest-quality roofing services available in Winter Haven, FL.

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We work with you every step of the way.  From when you call us for a quote, to the initial inspection, to after the job is complete, you can count on us to deliver great service. Our thorough roofing inspections will detect problem areas and help save you money down the line by preventing more severe leaks. We can also help you know if your roof needs to be replaced, or if it is sturdy and sound for a few more years. Roof inspections are a key component of your house maintenance checklist.

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